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My Idea


My name is Bill Jones and I live in Southampton, New York.

I believe that it is time, in fact, it is overdue, to take an action….make one more attempt to tell Washington we are fed up with the state of our nation. Millions feel that way, are searching for someone to make something happen that they can participate in and not wait for a change in Congress or the Presidency.

So, I would like to get the commitment of 2 million Americans to descend on Washington on Sunday of Memorial Day and take action on Monday, Memorial Day. I have chosen Memorial Day to honor those who have died preserving our freedom for if we, the living, allow that freedom to be lost then, what good is our life? No speeches, just a march to the Capitol where we occupy the Senate Chamber and the House of Representatives. Non violent and respectful of “our” houses of government.

The message is two fold and limited to these two messages: One, we want less of the federal government involved in our lives (the intent of our Constitution was to insure that Washington never became the center of American life; it is our duty to remind Washington of its transgressions) and two, we want the federal debt drastically reduced. (I want, before I die, to live in a nation with little debt because I want to see what that could mean for our country. Plus, we have no right to leave this debt to our children.)

I know that this is possible. I have removed all doubt from my mind, because it is easy to doubt. I know this is the right time. I have thought this through.

I want to do this because I love our country so much. I love the freedom it has showered me with and I am doing it for my daughter.

Thank you and may God bless my efforts.


Bill Jones
West Point, Class of 1972

P.S. I am doing this as an average, but concerned, citizen/patriot of our great country. This is a work in progress and at some point, not yet, people will be able to pledge their commitment to participate in my idea on Only we can make this idea come to life. Therefore, my heartfelt request is that you spread the word and let us see, together, if my idea has merit, moves people, and changes the course of history. I know it can, I know the time is right, I know it must be done.

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NY Veteran: Give Blumenthal the Boot!

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Health Care is Not A Right

Some Americans have really gone “loopy.” Some Americans are saying that health care is a “right,” like our freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom of religion. I can only surmise that they would add an eleventh Bill of Rights’ amendment to include, “the right to health care.”

Health care for all is a worthy goal, but not only is it foolish to declare it a “right,” such thought is downright dangerous. What then would be the next “right?” Perhaps, the “right” of everyone to own their home? Or the “right” to have the government cook one nutritious dinner for everyone each week because nutrition is important to health and learning?

I can see General Washington rallying his troops with a corrected version of Jefferson’s immortal words, “Men, you are fighting for freedom because you know that you are “endowed by your Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these rights are Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and the right to nationalized health care!” Hearing the last of these rights, the men threw down their muskets and went home.

Throughout our history Americans have died to provide and maintain those unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Near as I can tell, it has never, ever been about providing nationalized health care.

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No to National Health Care

America will never be the same with nationalized health care. The program, if passed, will become just another expensive, unaffordable government program. It is socialism through and through.

I vote for keeping the federal government out of our lives. I vote for individual liberty and freedom. And, personally, I will not stand by and watch as the Democrats destroy our nation.

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Silent No More

There is tremendous need in America, no doubt about it. Is it government’s role to satisfy that need? I say no, because the need is infinite and the resources are finite. Solve a human need problem today and tomorrow’s headlines will herald a new campaign for the next need on the list.

Cradle to grave care is the opiate of our time. In the stupor of our existence we are happy to be taken care of and indifferent to the inner voice that speaks to us of personal freedom. That is, until we wake up. But will we wake up before it is too late?

I have this sense that our democracy is slipping away. Socialism seems to have the upper hand. Silent no more. It is time to take back our country.

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The Comfort of Our Own Making

It is so amazing that we are a nation at all. The pressure on patriots not to participate in the cause of freedom had to have been immense. Community pressure to maintain the status quo and individual pressures of life’s responsibilities were true then and, in fact, are true today. I am in awe of the men and women who in the face of such great personal sacrifice, delivered to me a free country.

We are faced with a similar choice today. We shall seek comfort in the promises of government or make clear that our comfort is of our own making. Where do you stand?

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